Telemach hosts students and professors from the US

NEWS 12.06.2018 19:35
Source: N1

The Telemach company hosted several students and their mentors and professors from the US in cooperation with the US Embassy to Bosnia and Herzegovina and the INTERA technology park.

The students came to Bosnia as part of the exchange program for students from Dayton, Ohio, whose stay in Bosnia was sponsored by the Telemach company. The students were familiarized with the company and the way a company in Bosnia functions.

“This is the second year in a row that we are hosting students from Dayton, Ohio and their mentors and professors. This is one of the more successful programmes implemented in Bosnia where our students go to the US and the US students come to Bosnia to see how we live, to visit our historic sights and to see how a company functions in Bosnia,” said Hajdi Mostic Telemach’s Financial Director.

“This experience will be very useful to us in the future. When we come back to our country, we will use the knowledge and experience we gained in Bosnia,” said a student named Nathan Koorndyk.

INTERA’s Marketing Coordinator Ana Bogdanovic said they organised training and practical classes in various companies.

“This is the third day of their stay here and with the help of Telemach we managed to organize training and practical classes in various companies and to familiarize them with all the natural and social beauties of Bosnia and Herzegovina,” Bogdanovic said.