Bosnia's Interpol receives arrest warrant for Zdravko Mamic

NEWS 13.06.2018 17:41
Source: MUP

Bosnia and Herzegovina's Interpol office has on Wednesday received the Croatian request for the arrest of former Dinamo football club boss, Zdravko Mamic, based on a warrant issued by Croatian authorities.

“The request has arrived in Interpol,” an unnamed source in Bosnia's Security Ministry said.

He explained that Mamic would be brought before the Bosnian State Court to state whether he has Bosnia and Herzegovina's citizenship and whether he objects to being extradited to Croatia.

The State Investigation and Protection Agency (SIPA) on Wednesday had not yet received instructions to arrest Mamic.

An official response to Croatian news agency Hina from Bosnia's Interpol office said that it “is not authorised to release information” about whether a request to arrest Mamic and extradite him to Croatia had arrived yet and that the “relevant Croatian authorities” should be asked about that.

Zdravko Mamic, the former Dinamo football club boss and incumbent advisor to the club, his brother Zoran, former Dinamo director Damir Vrbanovic and tax official Milan Pernar have been found guilty of siphoning about 116 million kuna (€15.7 million) from Dinamo and defrauding the state budget of about 12.2 million kuna (€1.6 million) in unpaid taxes and surtaxes.

Zdravko Mamic was sentenced to six and a half years in prison, his brother Zoran to four years and 11 months, Pernar to four years and two months, and Vrbanovic to three years.

The Osijek-Baranja County Court on Tuesday ordered law enforcement authorities to issue national and international arrest warrants as well as a European Arrest Warrant for Zdravko Mamic.

He is currently located in Medjugorje as he has dual citizenship. According to its Constitution, Bosnia and Herzegovina does not extradite its citizens.

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