Dinamo boss remains in custody pending hearing before Court

Source: N1

Dinamo football club boss Zdravko Mamic will spend the night in custody of the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina where a hearing will be held on Friday, at Croatia’s request for his extradition.

“There was an option that a hearing be held today (Thursday), but it was decided it be held tomorrow (Friday),” Zdravko Rajic, Mamic’s lawyer told Hina news agency.  

He recalled that his client was brought to the premises of the State Investigation and Protection Agency (SIPA), who apprehended him during the day, after which he will be transferred to the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina where he will stay until the hearing.

Mamic and his Bosnian lawyer Rajic said earlier, they will object his extradition to Croatia, which was requested based on the Agreement on International Legal Assistance between Croatia and Bosnia.

“Judging by to the present situation and the evidence in the case, there are no conditions for his extradition, given the fact that Mamic is a citizen of Bosnia and Herzegovina. I am convinced that the extradition request will be rejected, tomorrow,” Rajic said.  

According to the procedure, the Court will determine whether Mamic owns a Bosnian citizenship, and he will declare himself whether he objects his extradition to Croatia.  

N1's Zvonko Komsic is in front of the Court, waiting for Mamic's arrival.

He should be transferred to the Court any moment. The hearing should be held at 9 am, Friday. He will be asked several questions such as: does he have a Bosnian citizenship and whether he wants to be extradited. Mamic is currently in SIPA’s premises,” N1’s Zvonko Komsic said.

Dinamo's boss was sentenced to six-and-a-half years in prison last week, along with three other people, on charges that he was damaging Dinamo and the Croatian budget.  

The day before the verdict, he came to Bosnia, whose citizenship he possesses.