Donations for migrants on World Refugee Day

Source: Anadolija

Foreign nationals at the Refugee and Readmission Centre Salakovac, in the south of the country, received on Tuesday a donation of the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina, on occasion of the World Refugee Day, June 20.

Bosnia's Minister for Human Rights and Refugees Semiha Borovac handed over the donation in the company of UNHCR Representative for the South-east Europe and Representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina Anne Christine Eriksson.

“We came to the refugee centre primarily for the refugees who are here in the care of the Ministry of Human Rights and Refugees. There are 20 children and 13 adults who have been in this centre for a longer period of time, but we also couldn't ignore the migrants who are staying here,” said Borovac.

Last month the centre accepted hundreds of migrants who first arrived in Sarajevo but were relocated due to lack of accommodation capacities in Bosnia's capital city.

According to Borovac, all conditions for migrants’ stay there are met.

“Families with children are the most numerous and they accept all our conditions here at the refugee centre. Their number, of course, is changing day by day, they come and go but what we are able to provide is adequate accommodation, food and healthcare, the minister added.

UNHCR's Eriksson emphasized the importance of observing the World Refugee Day, noting that refugees need protection and safety.

“Today's donation is a proof of solidarity and humanity of people in Bosnia and Herzegovina,” said Eriksson.

According to the centre's staff, there are 170 migrants in Salakovac and the number is constantly changing.