Spiric: Without investments people will continue to leave

NEWS 20.06.2018 19:45
Source: N1

Nikola Spiric, an MP in Bosnia’s Parliamentary Assembly told N1 that Bosnia made a big economic progress but that the people’s departure from the country is not specific only to Bosnia and that the reason for Bosnia’s high unemployment rate can be found in the past war in Bosnia 1992-1995.

“It is very important that we continue to achieve a positive growth rate. Bosnia and Herzegovina went through something other countries have not (war). In order to improve our employment rate, we must achieve a strong economic growth,” Spiric said.

When it comes to Bosnian citizens leaving the country, Spiric pointed out that people will continue to go to where living conditions are better as long as there are no new investments in the country.

“The whole idea of politics is to create a better economic environment. While I was the state Finance Minister, Bosnia had a surplus. My salary is some BAM 5,000 (around EUR 2,500) and I don’t think that’s OK. I’ve tried to initiate a salary reduction in the Parliament several times, but I was rejected every time,” he added.