US official: EU, US, both want reformed Balkans in the EU

Source: Anadolija

The differences between the US and the European Union exist, but many issues unite the allies, Wess Mitchell, an American diplomat, said in Brussels on Friday, adding one of their common goals is that “Balkans are reformed and on its way to the EU.”

Mitchell, the Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, who addressed the Carnegie Foundation for Europe and the Middle East, said that the United States and the European Union shared the interest for a free world.

He said that the US cooperated with the EU on the issue of Serbia and Kosovo, as well as of Bosnia.

Mitchell's words coincided with still unofficial ideas about changing the format of the Belgrade – Pristina dialogue on the normalisation of relations currently held under the EU auspices, with Kosovo insisted on Washington's more direct involvement.

Serbia's President Aleksandar Vucic was quoted as saying that it would be difficult to imagine a final solution to Kosovo's problem  without the participation of major powers, including the US.

Belgrade said that Russia should also be included.

On other regional issues, Mitchell said that the US diplomats “spent hours on the phone with the European colleagues during the deciding time for the Skopje – Athens agreement on the Macedonian name.

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