Minors among Srebrenica victims to be buried on July 11

NEWS 03.07.2018 21:56
Source: N1

The remains of 35 victims will be buried at this years’ Srebrenica genocide commemoration ceremony on July 11, and it is the smallest ceremony to date, Amor Masovic, from Bosnia’s Institute for Missing Persons, told N1.

“It is the smallest when taking into account the number of identified victims whose families made the decision to bury them. The smallest by the number of those buried in the collective burial ceremony in Srebrenica until now,” he said.

Of the 8,372 people who went missing from the Srebrenica area since the war ended in 1995, nearly 1,200 still remain either missing or have not been identified among the bones that were excavated from numerous mass graves.

“The remains of 200 people were found, but at this moment their families are either not prepared to bury them because their skeletons have not been completed, or because they have more family members missing and they are waiting for them to be found so that they can be buried together,” he explained.

Masovic said that 43 persons were identified, but that their families do not want them to be buried yet due to reasons he would not reveal.

Among those who will be buried this year is a woman who was pregnant at the time of death, as well as four minors.

“Again, there are children among the victims,” Masovic said, pointing out that around 500 Srebrenica genocide victims were children.

The name of the victim who was six months pregnant is Remzija Dudic, who was 20 years old at the time of her death in 1995.

“Her husband Nijazija was 22 years old. They were found together in the last mass grave that was found in 2016 in the area of Vlasenica,” Masovic said.

“Regarding the minors, two of them were 16, Ibric Vesid and Feris Mehmedovic, and two others were 17, Edin Buric and Muhamed Alic,” he said, adding that the oldest victim to be buried this year is Sahin Halilovic, who was more than 71 years old when he was killed.