Cups of coffee and carnations mark the Srebrenica genocide

NEWS 11.07.2018 17:14
Source: Facebook

Bosnian artist Aida Sehocvic set an art exhibition “Why aren’t you here” (“Sto te nema”) in Zurich, as a sign of remembrance of the killed Srebrenica residents. The exhibition consists of 8,372 cups of coffee for every single Srebrenica resident that was killed in the genocide.

“We started placing the cups and filling them with coffee for the 8,372 Srebrenica residents who will never be able to come back and drink this coffee. We never have and never will forget them,” said the artist who is trying to keep the memory of the Srebrenica genocide alive, so it would never happen again.

In another part of the world, Istanbul, students of the Bogazici University gathered around the Association “Bosna Yigitlik Meydani” handed out 8,372 carnation flowers and recalled the genocide that took place in Srebrenica on July 11, 1995.

Source : Anadolija

Head of the Association Krem Kocer reminded the people who received the flowers that 23 years ago, people were killed only because they were Muslims.

A collective prayer and burial of 35 identified victims was held Tuesday in the Potocari Memorial Centre, Eastern Bosnia.

On July 11, 1993, 8,372 Bosniaks, mostly men and boys were separated and killed by Bosnian Serb forces. So far, 6,610 victims were buried and more than 1,000 persons are still missing.

International and regional courts have sentenced 45 people for what happened in Srebrenica to a total of more than 700 years behind bars. Those who the ICTY sentenced to life imprisonment are Ljubisa Beara, Zdravko Tolimir, and Vujadin Popovic.

But the most well known alleged masterminds of what happened in Srebrenica are former Bosnian Serb politician Radovan Karadzic and ex Bosnian Serb general Ratko Mladic, and both have been sentenced for it but have appealed.