Bosnian Defence Ministry delegation at the NATO Summit

NEWS 12.07.2018 18:35
Source: Ministarstvo odbrane BiH

Bosnia’s Defence Ministry and Armed Forces delegation headed by Minister Marina Pendes took part in the NATO Summit in Brussels. Together with Pendes, the Summit was attended by Lieutenant-general Senad Masovic and head of the military part of Bosnia’s Mission in NATO Jasmin Cajic.

During the Summit, a meeting at the level of heads of state in the format of the “Resolute Support” mission was also held. Apart from the NATO-Afghanistan countries, partner countries, including Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as representatives of the EU and UN also took part in the meeting.

The meeting dealt with the political and military situation in Afghanistan, development of Afghan security forces, continued financial support to Afghan security forces – where allies and partners reaffirmed their commitment to Afghanistan and confirmed their increased contribution to the “Resolute Support” mission.