Mothers, wives visit places of Bosniak suffering

Source: Anadolija

Members of the association of genocide survivors visited one of nine the places where Bosniaks were killed outside Srebrenica, Nova Kasaba, Eastern Bosnia. The visit was organised amid marking of the 23rd anniversary of the genocide against Bosniaks from the “UN Safe Zone Srebrenica” on July 1995.

Genocide survivor Hasan Hasanovic the curator at the Srebrenica Genocide Memorial in Potocaru spoke about the Bosniak place of suffering in Nova Kasaba.

“A big ambush was placed around the Kamenicko hill in Nova Kasaba on July 12. Several hundred men and boys were killed. The next day all the roads were blocked and a mass operation of imprisoning men and boys began. They were told to come out from hiding into the streets. Around 6,500 men and boys surrendered. Around 1,200 of them were brought into the stadium in Nova Kasaba. NATO’s plane photographed the imprisoned men and boys,” Hasanovic said.

One of the members of the association who was in Nova Kasaba was Fatima Azic who lost three sons, a husband and a brother. She visits the places of suffering every year.

“I have no one left. I saw my husband and two sons in Kravica. That's where I say my child slaughtered, its beheaded body lying beside the road along with other beheaded bodies. I recognised my child by its clothes,” Azic said. “I buried my husband and two of my sons, their bodies were found, but they were incomplete. However, I found only several bones of my youngest son.”

Apart from the place of suffering in Nova Kasaba, the association will visit Orahovac, Petkovci, Brana, Kozluk, Branjevo, Pilica, Kravica, Budak, Potocari.

Visits to the places of Bosniak suffering were organised two days after the commemorative gathering in the Srebrenica Memorial Centre in Potocari where 35 genocide victims were buried.