OSCE's reaction on recent denials of genocide in Bosnia

NEWS 13.07.2018 15:45
Source: N1

The OSCE Mission to Bosnia and Herzegovina strongly condemns recent inflammatory statements by public figures about the repetition of genocide and renewed armed conflict, which negatively affect the stability and long-term reconciliation process in BiH.

“Denial, incitement to and trivialization of facts qualified as genocide, crimes against humanity or war crimes established by international and national courts are in contradiction with the values of democratic societies and threaten much-needed security and stability in BiH. Unfortunately, such statements are not uncommon but equally unfortunate, are commonly tolerated,” the OSCE said. “When such statements are publicly voiced by individuals of political or social influence, their negative impact on society is even greater. Denying genocide and warmongering go hand in hand and stand in the way of adequately dealing with the past while bringing justice to victims of the atrocity crimes committed in Bosnia and Herzegovina.”   

The Mission calls upon all relevant authorities in Bosnia to take such statements seriously and to take appropriate steps aimed at holding those responsible for such statements accountable.  

“Finally, the Mission reminds Bosnian political leaders of the most recent Declaration on War Crimes in the Framework of the Berlin Process that Bosnia signed only three days ago at the Western Balkans Summit in London. That declaration commits Bosnia to refrain from denying war crimes, hate speech, and glorification of war criminals,” the Mission said.