The costs of vehicles of Bosnia's institutions

Source: N1

Of all institutions and public companies in the country, Bosnia’s Presidency has the most expensive collection of vehicles, worth 2,759,255 BAM, according to a database of government vehicles put together by the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network (BIRN).

Of the 36 vehicles the Presidency owns, the most expensive are three Audi A-8 models, which cost 200,000 BAM, 199,890 BAM, and 183,781 BAM – together worth way beyond a half a million BAM.

The Federal Inspection Agency, an institution of the Federation, one of two semi-autonomous entities in Bosnia, comes in second with 61 vehicles worth 1,767,239 BAM.

The third is the State Prosecutor’s Office, with 20 vehicles worth 1,113,079 BAM. The three most expensive cars it has are worth more than 300,000 BAM.

The average value of the 1,584 vehicles which all of the institutions and public companies own in Bosnia is 49,450 BAM. The most prevalent among them are the 706 automobiles, costing 10,376,810 BAM. The 466 vans are worth a total of 770,964 BAM.

Public companies and institutions have spent nearly nine million BAM for purchases of vehicles within the first six months of this year.

The vehicles for politicians and officials that were bought last year cost at least 10 million BAM.

The total cost of the car park is 1,420,530 BAM, including 697,117 BAM spent on gas, 265,714 BAM on renting vehicles and 168,875 BAM insurance and check-ups.

Since the beginning of the year, 272 institutions in Bosnia published 510 tenders, of which 315 were for purchasing and 195 for maintaining of vehicles, both worth a total of 10,981,230 BAM.