Court releases accused couple of the death of Dzenan Memic

NEWS 16.07.2018 13:09
Source: N1

The Sarajevo Cantonal Court has released Ljubo and Bekrija Seferovic accused of causing and concealing a traffic accident in which, according to the Prosecutor's Office of the Sarajevo Canton, a 21-year-old victim, Dzenan Memic was mortally injured.

After almost two-and-a-half years, the Cantonal Court in Sarajevo reached a first instance verdict in the case of the death of Dzenan Memic, releasing Ljubo and Bekrija Seferovic.

The Memic family claimed, for the past two years, that their son was murdered, that he was not killed in a car accident, which is why they requested that the investigation be taken over by the State Prosecution and other law enforcement agencies.

Dzenan memic died on February 15, 2016, after sustaining fatal injuries on February 8th, 2016, while walking with his girlfriend Alisa Mutap in Sarajevo suburb Ilidza.

During one of the numerous gatherings in support of his father’s claims that he was murdered, Dzenan’s father Muriz Memic claimed the evidence in his son’s case is allegedly being concealed.  

“It is absurd that the prosecution has re-qualified the case three times so far because they are either incompetent or corrupt,” he added.

Memic directly accused Chief Cantonal Prosecutor Dalida Burzic of not even trying to find, as he said, his son’s murderer.

Right after the verdict, Muriz Memic addressed the crowd, Monday, who gathered in front of the Court.

“Thank god, we proved that we’ve been telling the truth all along. My attorney and I will now go to Dalida Burzic’s office and demand that she sees us,” Memic said.

He also announced large protests in front of the National Theatre in Sarajevo, on Saturday.

“I call on all Bosnian citizens to come to protests. This farce lasted for two years. After two years we finally got to this point. This is the end of the gang and organised crime,” Memic added.

Memic family’s attorney Ifet Feraget said that someone needs to take responsibility for this case. He said that the alleged “‘judicial mafia’ is on their knees,” and that the evidence was fabricated and traces planted.

“Someone must answer for this. The investigation into this case will be led by someone, and I appeal that it be the State Prosecution,” Feraget said, adding that he guarantees there is evidence of an alleged organised crime.

Today begins the rule of law in this country,” the attorney concluded.

Spokeswoman of the Sarajevo Cantonal Prosecutor's Office Azra Bavcic told N1 that the Prosecutor's Office will appeal to the Supreme Court of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina entity after the decision in the case of the death of Dzenan Memic.