Former Dinamo F.C. boss against his extradition to Croatia

NEWS 17.07.2018 11:17
Source: N1

At the request of the Republic of Croatia's Justice Ministry, The Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina conducted an extradition hearing of Zdravko Mamic, sentenced to 6 years in prison for damaging Dinamo F.C. by EUR 15.7 million and tax evasion worth EUR 1.2 million. Both the Prosecution and the Defence were against his extradition.

 As the acting prosecutor Gordana Bosiljcic said, the claim coming from Croatia was complete and delivered in a correct manner, but it cannot be implemented because the listed crimes were committed prior to the signing of the Extradition Agreement between Bosnia and Croatia. Zdravko Mamic’s attorney agreed with this conclusion as did Mamic himself.

Mamic said that he had left Croatia because he did not feel safe there and therefore he came to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Prosecution and the Defence agree that one of the possible next steps in Croatia's requests is for Bosnian judiciary to continue the proceedings against Mamic.

The final decision of the Court should be announced in the coming days, and Zdravko Mamic’s attorney confirmed that there is no chance that he could be extradited.

The Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina had already rejected the request for Mamic’s extradition, which the Prosecution appealed against and the verdict was abolished. However, a month ago, documentation was received from the Croatian Ministry of Justice, so the Prosecution submitted a motion to the Court stating that there were no conditions for Mamic's extradition.  

The crimes from the first instance verdict against Mamic were never mentioned in the bilateral Extradition Agreement between Bosnia and the Republic of Croatia.