The Czech Republic sends EUR 1 million to Bosnia

NEWS 20.07.2018 10:06
Source: AFP

The Czech Republic plans to send EUR 1 million to Bosnia and Herzegovina to help it combat illegal migration and protect its borders because the long-term priority of the Czech Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Jan Hamacek is that the Balkan migrant route remains closed.

“Bosnia is one of the places in the Balkans where the risk is the greatest and our engagement is of key importance. No Czech MP has a problem with us sending this kind of assistance to Bosnia,” said Head of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Czech Parliament's House of Representatives and former Czech Foreign Minister Lubomir Zaoralek.

The Czech Republic is sending EUR 1 million to help Bosnia buy thermal cameras, binoculars, drones and other equipment that help the police guard the border against illegal crossing attempts, more effectively.

The Czech Republic sent similar sums, last year, to Macedonia and Serbia, where more than 50 Czech police officers supported their local colleagues in joint patrols at the borders with Greece and Bulgaria.

“The situation in Bosnia is not good. That’s one of the places where migrants are getting into Europe from the direction of Serbia. If we succeed, those people will not try to take that route anymore,” said the Committee Deputy Head Jan Lipavski.

Assistance to Bosnia and Herzegovina in combating illegal migration will be approved next week.