EU’s Wigemark calls for adoption of amendments to CPC

NEWS 26.07.2018 17:12
Source: N1

The Head of the EU Delegation and the EU Special Representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ambassador Lars-Gunnar Wigemark, calls on the Delegates in Bosnia’s House of Peoples of to assume their responsibility and adopt the necessary amendments to the Bosnia’s Criminal Procedure Code.

“We are deeply concerned with the lack of adoption of the relevant amendments to the BiH Criminal Procedure Code, which need to be brought in line with the 2017 Bosnia’s Constitutional Court Decision as well as international and European standards,” Wigemark said.

He said the amendments already tabled in the Parliamentary Assembly, and adopted in Bosnia’s House of Representatives, do meet the required standards. But other proposed amendments would weaken the rule of law and undermine the ability of the judiciary to fight serious crime, in particular organised crime and corruption. Specifically, exempting certain criminal offences such as fraud in office or embezzlement in office and terrorism sends a negative signal towards both Bosnian citizens and the EU.

“We urge the delegates in the House of Peoples to swiftly adopt the final amendments to the Criminal Procedure Code of Bosnia and Herzegovina, thereby demonstrating their commitment to act as a credible partner of the EU and its Member States in fighting serious crime and ensuring public security in Bosnia and Herzegovina and beyond,” Wigemark added.

The EU Delegation to Bosnia said that this an essential question for the rule of law in the country and will also be taken into account in the preparation of the EU Commission’s Opinion on Bosnia’s application for EU Membership.