SDP's Niksic to HDZ BiH: Give up on your wartime goals

NEWS 01.08.2018 14:35
Source: N1

The retrograde policy of the Croat Democratic Union (HDZ BiH) is ideologically incompatible with the achievements of the 21st century determined by the global processes of integration and social populism, the Bosnia's opposition leader Nermin Niksic said on Wednesday.

Niksic, the leader of the Social Democratic Party (SDP), commented the HDZ BiH's statement from Tuesday regarding the start of construction works on the Peljesac bridge in Croatia and objections of some Bosniak leaders.

“The political parties who publicly advocate the stances advocated by the HDZ BiH would be banned from political action in the modern states,” said Niksic, adding that defending the positions of political Zagreb while expressing “Quisling stances” is impermissible in modern European, democratic societies.

“Dehumanisation of their Bosniak fellow citizens for the needs of political support by the neighbourly country as well as the internal support of voters actually reminds of the wartime principles of acting. I am telling to the HDZ BiH that we in SDP of Bosnia and Herzegovina find every our fellow citizen equally worthy,” Niksic underlined.

The SDP leader called on the HDZ BiH to give up on “the wartime goal of dividing Bosnia and Herzegovina on three ethnic mini-states” adding that this goal will never be achieved.