Spreca river polluted with ammoniacal water, inspector warns

NEWS 04.08.2018 14:34
Source: N1

The second degree of the Spreca River's pollution threat, due to the ammoniacal water leak, has been declared on Saturday in the area of the northern Bosnian town of Lukavac, a water inspector of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH) entity confirmed.

The inspector advised the citizen not to use the water from the river and nearby wells to water their agricultural lands.
The Prosecutor's Office of the Tuzla Canton, in charge of the polluted area, stated that investigation into this case is underway.

“The investigations under the supervision of two cantonal prosecutors is ongoing and the Prosecutor's Office is involved in collecting all relevant information on this case,” the Prosecutor's Office told N1.

Media previously reported on an explosion in the Global Ispat Coke Plant (GIKIL) in Lukavac, which happened on Friday afternoon, when three workers were injured and some 200 to 300 cubic metres of ammoniacal water leaked into the Spreca River.

The Prosecutor's Office said it was already conducting an investigation and preparing the cases concerning “certain industrial complexes that were assessed as pollutants on the Tuzla Canton territory.” Due to the complexity of the case and ongoing investigation, the Prosecutor's Office could not provide more details on the case.

Source : N1