Lukavac citizens concerned about pollution

NEWS 06.08.2018 21:14
Source: N1

Authorities are still trying to mend the damage a toxic material spill caused when a reservoir of a coke producer in the northeastern town of Lukavac exploded on Friday. Local residents claim the accident caused an ecological catastrophe.

Some 70 m3 of raw tar spilled into the Spreca river out of a facility of the Global Ispat Koksna Industrija (GIKIL), which produces coke. Three workers were injured, with one of them currently in an artificially induced coma, but not in critical condition.

“My personal belief and the belief of many citizens of Lukavac is that we have a new type of terrorism here, which is industrial terrorism that is supported by individuals and the corrupt government. Lukavac is a hostage of the illegal activities of everybody from the government to the industry,” said Lukavac resident Sead Nuhic.

Numerous industrial complexes can be found in the Lukavac area only a few kilometres away from each other. Lukavac is also known as one of the most polluted towns in Europe. Citizens said they can hardly breathe there, be it summer or winter.

Lukavac is, among other things, home to a cement producer, a coke producer, and a soda producer.

“The coke producer is the biggest polluter, and after that the soda producer. The only solution is the closing down of the coke producer,” said Zejnil Suljkanovic, an activist from Eco Forum Lukavac.

“Or, have the entire population of Lukavac move away so this becomes a dead town, otherwise there will be a European Bopal incident like the one that took place in India,” he said, referring to an industrial tragedy that took place in India in 1984 and which claimed thousands of lives.