Politician: FBiH awaiting collapse after general election

NEWS 08.08.2018 10:14
Source: N1

One must be naive to think 150,000 jobs will instantly open on October 8th (after the October general election). That is the day when the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH) entity will enter one of the greatest Constitutional crisis from which I see no way out, Mario Karamatic, a Croat MP at the state House of Peoples told N1.

“The only thing that will continue to function is the Republika Srpska (RS) entity and the Brcko District. The FBiH is expecting a collapse. The only way out of this situation is the Office of the High Representative’s intervention, and speaking of (Valentin) Inzko’s reaction, I expect him to express grave concern and nothing else,” Karamatic said.

The Office of the High Representative is an international body set up to oversee the civilian implementation of the Dayton Peace Agreement which ended the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina (1992-1995). Valentin Inzko is the High Representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“Forgive us Fadil (Novalic, the FBiH Prime Minister) but you’ll be stuck just like Ljubo Beslic (the mayor of Mostar, where elections were not held since 2008, after the Constitutional Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina found some provisions of Bosnia’s Election Law concerning election in Mostar, unconstitutional in its 2010 decision). We are entering a stalemate and the only good thing about it is the fact is that we won’t be able to take any more loans (from international financial institutions),” he noted.

He stressed that Bosnia is the poorest European country by all parameters and that there is no chance anyone will come to work here, following the departure of Bosnia’s labour force due to lack of employment possibilities.

“We don’t have a possibility of bringing someone to work here,” Karamatic concluded.