Candidate: SDP has a model how to make Bosnia functional

NEWS 09.08.2018 12:22
Source: N1

Social Democratic Party’s (SDP) candidate for RS Parliament Vojin Mijatovic told N1 that the SDP is the right party for every resident of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“We want to make Bosnia a place where everyone can live under the same rules,” he said.

Mijatovic, who resigned as Deputy Civil Affairs Minister and became a member of the SDP said that the party has a model on how to make Bosnia a functional state. He added that the SDP will break the triangle between the Alliance of Independent Social Democrats (SNSD), the Democratic Action Party (SDA) and the Croat Democratic Union (HDZ BiH).

The three parties are the main nationalist parties in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The SNSD being the main Serb party, the main Bosniak party is the SDA and the HDZ BiH is the main Croat party who have been in power for the most part since the end of the Bosnian war 1992-1995. The opposition claims that the main reason for Bosnia's lack of progress in its economic recovery and the EU accession process is the inefficiency of the said three parties.

“Those political parties are full of talks of Bosnia’s accession to NATO. These parties have succeeded in making Bosnia’s accession to the EU pointless. The SDP’s Pro-European bloc is a group of parties that will fight for gaining the EU candidate status as soon as possible,” Mijatovic said.

He noted that it is sad that Bosnia still talks of returnees and that it is time for everyone to to become citizens.

“There should be no difference in the rights and obligations regardless of the people’s background. It's time to stop turning our citizens into people with special needs,” Mijatovic stressed.