KSBiH member: FIBA will have no mercy towards Bosnia

NEWS 10.08.2018 15:55
Source: N1

The International Basketball Federation (FIBA) will have no mercy when deciding on the consequences against Bosnia's Basketball Association (KSBiH) for not allowing Kosovo team to participate in the European U 16 Basketball Championship in Sarajevo, the KSBiH Management Board member Mirsad Djonlagic told N1.

“I expect FIBA to have no mercy when deciding on the punishment against the KSBiH. The measures FIBA can take range from expulsions from certain competitions, suspension of one of our national teams, suspension of all national teams, suspension of certain people from the Basketball Association. Everything is possible. We’ve placed our destiny into the hands of the FIBA people. I do not know what will happen,” he said.

Bosnia’s Foreign Affairs Ministry did not provide visas for the Kosovo U16 basketball team, even though they are supposed to compete at the U 16 European Championship, Division B, which began in Sarajevo, on Thursday.

Djonlagic stressed that during the December 2017 session, the Board concluded that Bosnia should apply for the organisation of the Championship and that the KSBiH was ot the one who decided on the competition groups and Championship participants.

“Kosovo team’s competition doesn't concern the relations between Serbia and Kosovo. We have an obligation towards FIBA to fulfil all FIBA’s conditions and standards. We presented Minister Crnadak with the Board’s decision supported the RS representatives as well. I have no idea who he met with,” Djonlagic said.

Bosnia’s Foreign Ministry said later on Friday that they will no longer make any comments concerning this issue.

They pointed out that following the 72-hour deadline for the consideration of visa requests, the Minister should decide on this issue, thus ending the visa procedure for this case.