London and Berlin against border correction in Balkans

NEWS 10.08.2018 16:02
Source: Shutterstock

Great Britain believes that calls for the revision of national borders between Kosovo and Serbia can be destabilising, and Germany still maintains that the move is risky, the Radio Free Europe (RFE) reported on Friday.

The UK embassy in Pristina told the RFE that the normalisation of the relations between Belgrade and Pristina was crucial for the safety, stability and prosperity in both countries, but also in the region as a whole.

London believes that that should be the basis for the recognition of independent sovereign states within the existing borders.

“We think that the calls for the correction of the national borders could be a destabilising factor,” the UK embassy said, adding that Britain would continue to support the (Belgrade – Pristina) dialogue facilitated by the European Union, which aimed at reaching an overall and sustainable solution to the benefit of both countries.

Berlin also remained firm in its stand concerning the changes of the borders between Serbia and Kosovo, the German embassy in Pristina told the RFE.

German officials have repeatedly said that the partition of Kosovo could create a potentially destabilising effects in the region and beyond, adding that that is the reason why Berlin is so vehemently against the move.

German Minister for Europe Michael Roth has earlier told the media in Pristina that his government believed that Kosovo and Serbia should reach an agreement with the EU participation, but reiterated Berlin’s opposition to changes of borders between Kosovo and Serbia.