Cavic: Commission for Srebrenica's report to be amended

Source: N1

The National Democratic Movement (NDP) Party Leader Dragan Cavic said he would address the Republika Srpska (RS) entity Parliament, Tuesday, session amid the Commission for Srebrenica’s report and that he thinks this should not be used for pre-election purposes.

He said he was the only politician to address the public after the RS Government adopted the Commission’s report who expressed his regret for the Bosniak victims.

“There’s no doubt that the Commission worked under pressure from the foreigners (foreign diplomats),” Cavic stressed, saying that now is the time to accept the Government’s initiative to form a new international commission that will create a complete report on war-time events in the Srebrenica area, including the suffering of Serbs.

“If the Government’s intention is to approach this problem in this way, then the NDP will support the motion,” he stressed, adding that the report should be amended if the new commission determines some irregularities, but that it must contain all the proven facts.

Cavic, who was this entity’s President at the time when the Commission’s report was adopted, said that the timing of the discussion on this report was bad, considering that the general election will be held in a month and a half.

Last month, the RS entity President Milorad Dodik asked for the scheduling of the RS National Assembly to discuss the “information of the Commission on the events in Srebrenica in the period July 10-19, 1995,” in order to reject and annul the report by the Commission for Srebrenica.