Prozor-cheese recognisable in the region

Source: USAID/Sweden FARMA II Project

The village of Scipe, from the Prozor/Rama Municipality, became recognizable across the region for its milk processing and cheese production when an entrepreneur Ibro Daguda established an agricultural cooperative “Promilk” and opened a dairy in 2005, which now processes 1,800 litres of milk daily.

The USAID/Sweden FARMA II Project said the Prozor-cheese is now well recognised among the caterers and consumers.

“The Prozor-cheese is special because of the milk is gathered from the entire Prozor Municipality which at located at over 1,000 metres altitude, where pastures are rich with berries, medicinal herbs and other fruit,” Daguba stressed.

His “Promilk” now has 6 employees and plans to open new jobs.

Daguba said that the “Promilk” has a fantastic cooperation with the FARMA II Project which provided them with significant support in buying the equipment for their dairy.

“In the coming period, it is important that we increase the livestock capacities in the Municipality and we’re working on proposals for some new projects on how to revive this Municipality's economy,” he added.