Renown ex-Yugoslavia musicians to perform in Sarajevo

NEWS 14.08.2018 16:12
Source: Promo

The No Border Orchestra, an ensemble gathering renown musicians from former Yugoslavia, will perform in Sarajevo on August 20 as a part of its great regional tour the Balkan Season 2018.

The ensemble which promotes diversities, integration and the spirit of friendship will also take part in an art workshop together with the Mali Mozart organisation. The event is sponsored by the leading cable operator in Bosnia, Telemach.

The No Border Orchestra was founded in 2012 and its mission, as they say in their “manifesto” is overcoming the stereotype of nationalism, racism, xenophobia and homophobia by artistic excellence in classical music.

“The No Border Orchestra is not a project nostalgic about ex-Yugoslavia. On the contrary, it is completely committed to the future,” they say.

The concert will take place in the Army Hall at 20 o'clock.