Prime Minister and Merkel discussed migrant situation

NEWS 14.08.2018 16:05
Source: N1

The EU will continue to help Bosnia deal with illegal migrants that are arriving from the EU but the problem has to be dealt with where it erupted - in the warzones the migrants are coming from, Bosnia’s Prime Minister said after returning from a meeting with Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin.

“This problem needs to be solved at its roots, which is in the countries where there is war. Migrants often come to Bosnia from EU countries. We were promised that the European Union will keep on helping us,” he said, adding that the six million euro the EU was providing was not enough.  

He also denied recent statements by officials who said migrants are being steered toward Bosnia intentionally.

Zvizdic said that Merkel expects Bosnia to soon get the status of an EU candidate but that it has to pass a new Criminal Procedure Law.  

The Constitutional Court declared some of the Law’s articles addressing the process of granting immunity from legal prosecution, physical search and special investigative procedures as unconstitutional in 2016, and lawmakers have still not found a way to fix it.  

“We expect that this law is adopted in the shortest possible time – the version that was supported by foreign embassies,” Zvizdic said.