N1, Dron.ba cooperation: Bosnia's gems of nature on N1

NEWS 17.08.2018 12:49
Source: N1

Starting Monday, N1 television will show videos of Bosnia’s gems of nature shot from the air by the Dron.ba team. Director of the Dron.ba company, Dado Ruvic told N1 his aim was to present Bosnia’s nature to the rest of the world.

“In the coming period, N1 viewers will have the opportunity to see our air and underwater videos, a number of our time-lapses and lots of other material,” he said.

Ruvic has worked with the Reuters Agency for over a decade. The Drone.ba company, he said, has a young team that loves Bosnia and their first major goal was to shoot the gems of nature of the entire country.

“Thanks to the Reuters Agency I’ve travelled across Bosnia and I was able to see just how beautiful Bosnia is and how many hidden gems of nature it holds. We keep saying that our politicians aren’t using this country in the right way, but here we are, representing it in all the right ways,” Ruvic stressed. “If, say, someone from the USA wants to see what Bosnia's like, they won’t ask about our politicians, but they’ll type in Bosnia on YouTube.”

“In the following period, we will focus on the waterfalls and rivers and as we are entering the winter season, we will adjust accordingly,” he noted.

N1’s cooperation with the Dron.ba kicks off Monday.

“Our videos will be played on TV as well as N1’s website, so whoever’s unable to see our videos on TV, they can find them on N1’s website,” Ruvic concluded.