FBiH Govt. issues loan guarantees for TPP Tuzla’s Block 7

Source: Fena

The Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH) entity Government issued guarantees in favour of the Chinese Export-Import Bank for the ‘Elektroprivreda BiH’ company’s loan worth EUR 613,990,000 for the construction of the Tuzla Power Plant’s (TPP) 450 MW capacity Block 7.

The Government authorized the FBiH Finance Ministry to issue all the necessary documentation regarding the granting of this guarantee on behalf of the Government, and tasked the Minister Jelka Milicevic to sign the said documents.

One of the conditions for the granting of this guarantee is the 20-year repayment period, with a five-year grace period.

The TPP Tuzla’s 450 MW capacity Block 7 is a replacement block for units 1,2,3 and 4. All the best modern technologies will be used for the Block’s construction, which means all the purification measures of waste gases (desulfurization, denitrification and efficient dust extraction).

The coal-dust combustion technology with supercritical steam parameters is currently the dominant option for new coal-based TPPs because they have a higher degree of efficiency and lower CO2 emissions per one kWh produced, compared to other technologies and thus has lower operating costs.

According to the planned dynamics, the Bloc 7 should be in operation by 2023. The final decision on granting of the guarantee and Elektroprivreda BiH’s loan should be made by the FBiH Parliament.