No Borders Orchestra performs concert in Sarajevo

NEWS 20.08.2018 22:32
Source: N1

The No Borders Orchestra (NBO) - an ensemble featuring top professional musicians from the territory of the former Yugoslavia, performed a concert in Sarajevo, Monday, as part of their major regional tour.

According to concert organizers, the Orchestra's quality is a direct reflection of what the NBO believes the Western Balkans, as well as Europe, can achieve only when they are united by tolerance, respect for diversity and communion.

In a region placed in the very heart of Europe, known for decades for its crises, conflicts and divisions, there is a group of young, talented, people who embodied a completely different story.

“The NBO stands for respect for others. The group is founded with the desire to gather musicians from the territory of the former Yugoslavia coming from all groups, religions backgrounds, nationalities and without prejudice, with an idea of cooperation, friendship and musical harmony,” said Rusmir Piknjac, artistic director of Mali Mozart, Sarajevo.

The concert in Sarajevo was supported by Telemach, the Embassy of Austria, the UNDP and UNICEF.