Croatian ministry denies allegations of police brutality

NEWS 21.08.2018 19:29
Source: Hrvoje Jelavic/PIXSELL

After a series of allegations that Croatian border police was using violence against migrants attempting to cross the border into Croatia from the neighbouring Bosnia and Herzegovina, Interior Ministry denied for N1 on Tuesday reports that the police was attacking the migrants.

“Croatian police is acting in accordance with national laws, as well as international standards,” the Ministry told N1.

“We have learned from the media, as well as official reports from the Bosnia and Herzegovina Police, that migrants on their territory are engaging in conflict and injure one another, as well as that the police, while conducting raids, had found cold weapons and firearms on some of the migrants. Statements from the persons who are attempting to illegally enter Croatia must be seen in the context of the situation they are in – by arriving on Croatian border, which is also the external border of the EU, they are arriving on a border which is controlled and protected,” they said.

The ministry added that illegal migrations present a security risk which they approach with utmost responsibility and that such migrations cannot, and will not, be allowed under national and European law.

“In our work, we cooperate on strategic and operative levels with neighbouring countries and police organisations. We again want to emphasise our commitment in preventing illegal border crossings, and that we encourage, on all levels, the legal aid aimed at those who require it, those who have rights to asylum. Croatia will accept them, according to its abilities, through the legal institution of relocation,” the ministry said.