Croatia extradites war crimes suspect to Bosnia

NEWS 22.08.2018 18:15
Source: Tužilaštvo BiH

Croatia extradited on Wednesday Hasan Ruznic whom Bosnian authorities accuse of war crimes committed against Bosnian Serb civilians in 1995.

Ruznic was transfered to Bosnian police at the border between the two countries, after which he was transported to Sarajevo.  

The war crimes were allegedly committed during the ‘Sana 95’ Bosnian Army military operation that took place in the northwest of the country.  

Prosecutors allege that, serving as a member of the Military Police of the Fifth Corps of the Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ruznic had committed crimes against humanity against Bosnian Serb civilians in the area of the north-western town of Bosanski Petrovac on September 15, 1995.  

Prosecutors said that at least 40 Serbs, “including civilians as well as soldiers who had previously surrendered,” were killed by a firing squad Ruznic was allegedly part of.  

He is one of the 17 suspects mentioned in the case against former Bosnian Army Fifth Corps Commander Atif Dudakovic.  

Dudakovic is facing a trial over allegations that he and members of his unit committed war crimes between 1994 and 1995, including the alleged killing of hundreds of captured Bosnian Serb soldiers from the area of Western Krajina and as well as Bosniak civilians who supported the Autonomous Province of West Bosnia during 1994 – a structure that was run by Bosniaks who rebelled against the Sarajevo government.  

With Ruznic’s extradition, all the suspects in Dudakovic’s case are now available to Bosnian prosecutors.