Inspection orders GIKIL to terminate business operations

NEWS 23.08.2018 14:33
Source: N1

The GIKIL d.o.o. company from Lukavac, North-East Bosnia, was ordered to cease all business activity due to professional negligence that was harmful to the environment. The order was made by the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH) entity Administration for Inspection Affairs following several disasters caused by the company.

“Considering that the GIKIL company’s request for the issuance of the environmental permit was rejected on August 7 and that the company is not implementing the legal provisions for the performance of its business operations, the FBiH Inspection Affairs Administration issued an order to terminate the company’s business operations,” said the FBiH Inspection Affairs Administration.

This FBiH institution said that previously, its inspectors conducted the necessary activities in preventing major environmental disasters coming from this company and that during their latest inspection, they concluded that the company is conducting their business operations without an environmental permit, which was a precondition for the issuance of this order.

“The order on the termination of work was passed on the basis of the Environmental Protection Law, the Law on Waste Management, the Law on Air Protection and the Law on Inspections of the FBiH. The decision orders GIKIL to suspend its work until they obtain an environmental permit, as well as to perform the identification of all types of waste at the site (including hazardous waste), and the disposal of all hazardous waste from the site through a licensed waste management operator,” the Inspection added.

The company now has 30 days to terminate their work, considering that the company deals with a complex production system which requires a secure shutting down of the plant, of which they must inform the competent inspector.

 The company has a history of violating environmental laws and bylaws and spilling of toxic material into the Spreca river next to which the plant operates, as well as poisoning the surrounding land and water wells.