Jazz Fest Sarajevo opens with a concert at History Museum

Source: Facebook / Jazz Fest Sarajevo

The 22nd edition of the international music festival, Jazz Fest Sarajevo, will open on September 3 with Mary Halvarson’s concert at the History Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The American guitarist, composer and improviser, known as one of the most impressive guitarists of her generation, will give the opening concert as the first in a series of The Stone in Europe concerts, presenting the famous New York club and music community in the Old Continent.

Besides Halvarson, other musicians and bands like Brian Marsella Trio, Secret Chiefs 3 and AutorYno will take part in the tour.

This concept was initiated by the Jazz Fest Sarajevo and will encompass dozens of performances in some of the best-known jazz clubs and concert venues of Europe, from Sarajevo, Vilnius, Rotterdam to Vienna, Ljubljana, and Oslo, from September through December this year.

Halvarson will perform in Sarajevo along with guitarist Miles Okazaki, bassist Drew Gress and drummer Tomas Fujiwara, playing the repertoire of John Zorn, renown American composer.

A number of events will be organized within the 22nd Jazz Fest Sarajevo in other cities of Bosnia and Herzegovina, within the period of three months.