Germany provides additional EUR 200,000 for landmine victims

NEWS 24.08.2018 14:33
Source: Pixabay

Germany has provided additional EUR 200,000 for landmine victims in Bosnia. In this way, Germany's support for these victims will be doubled, compared to last year’s amount.

The funds will be used for the production and adjustment of prostheses and other prosthetic devices such as wheelchairs and hearing aids for 45 landmine victims from the country.

The funds were ensured through a contract signed by the German Ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina Christiane Hohmann and the “Enhancing Human Security“ (ITF) organisation director Tomaz Lovrencic. An International committee, chaired by the German Embassy, will ensure that assistance is provided to persons from all over the country.

The victims will then receive new prostheses, rehab treatments, psychological support and other devices needed for their integration into the society, through the ‘Miracles’ centre in Mostar and the University Rehabilitation Institute Soca in Slovenia.

According to the State Mine Action Centre’s (BHMAC) data, there are around 7,900 landmine victims in the country, of which some 1,600 are post-war victims. The number of victims has been on the decline over the years.