GIKIL general director arrested

NEWS 24.08.2018 14:56

Authorities on Friday arrested the general director of GIKIL, the coke producer whose reservoir recently exploded causing a toxic material spill in the area around the northeastern town of Lukavac.

The arrest of Debasish Ganguly was confirmed to N1 by the Tuzla Canton Ministry of Interior.

Some 70 m3 of raw tar had spilled into the Spreca river out of a facility of the Global Ispat Koksna Industrija (GIKIL) beginning of August. Three workers were injured.

The company was ordered to cease all business activities due to professional negligence on Thursday.

“Considering that the GIKIL company’s request for the issuance of the environmental permit was rejected on August 7 and that the company is not implementing the legal provisions for the performance of its business operations, the FBiH Inspection Affairs Administration issued an order to terminate the company’s business operations,” the Inspection Affairs Administration of Bosnia’s Federation (FBiH), one of the two semi-autonomous entities in the country, had said.

GIKIL has a history of violating the environmental laws and bylaws and spilling of toxic material into the Spreca river next to which the plant operates, as well as poisoning the surrounding land and water wells. The company now has 30 days to terminate their work.