Bosnian journalist attacked in Banjaluka

Source: Twitter

BN TV journalist Vladimir Kovacevic was severely beaten, Sunday night, in the city of Banjaluka, when two men with hoods over their heads started beating Kovacevic with expandable batons. After the attack, Kovacevic was admitted to hospital where they treated his injuries.

“BN TV’s editorial board condemns this attack and demands that the Republika Srpska entity Interior Ministry (MoI) finds the suspects of this heinous attack. We would also like to recall that there were constant attacks from certain political circles against out journalists,” Bijeljina based BN TV’s editorial board said.

For this reason, the board warned the RS MoI to ensure that they have safe working conditions and freedom of movement.

“Otherwise we will be forced to take steps to protect ourselves,” they said.

At the time of the attack, Kovacevic was working on the “Justice for David” story. A case of one young man’s controversial death which sparked an outrage from the public in this Serb-dominated, semi-autonomous RS entity, who staged numerous protests in Banjaluka due to their dissatisfaction with the investigation.

RS President Milorad Dodik also condemned the attack and requested that police authorities solve this case as soon as possible.

“Attacks against the press are attacks against the freedom of speech and such behaviour will not be tolerated in the RS,” Dodik stressed.