Ministry: No agreement with OSA on information exchange

Source: N1

Bosnia’s Foreign Ministry said there is no agreement between them and the state intelligence agency based on which they can get all the information concerning the case of a Russian writer barred from entering Bosnia, several days ago.

“Bosnia’s Foreign Ministry hereby informs the public that there is no such agreement and all the recent media allegations on the said agreement are incorrect. The only agreement that exists between the Ministry and the Security-Intelligence Agency (OSA) is that which is the subject of technical issues, such as the distribution of costs and methods of use of vehicles in certain cases related to OSA members’ activities abroad,” the Ministry said.

Numerous Bosnian media outlets have recently mentioned an agreement between the OSA and the Foreign Ministry according to which the Ministry can obtain the information it requires, including that from the case of Russian writer Yevgeny Nikolayevich Prilepin, better known as Zakhar Prilepin, who supported Russian separatists during the Ukraine war, who was was barred from entering Bosnia due to security risks.

Prilepin was supposed to attend a literary event in Banja Luka, but he was turned away by Bosnia’s Border Police a day before and told that he was a security threat to the country