Presidency member meets EPP delegation

NEWS 30.08.2018 21:33
Source: Predsjedništvo BiH

Bosnia’s Presidency Member met, Thursday, with the European People’s Party (EPP) delegation when interlocutors concluded that elections must not stand in the was of the implementation of the Reform Agenda.

The EPP delegation stayed in Sarajevo, Thursday, where they met with Mladen Ivanic to discuss changes to Bosnia’s Election Law, the country’s European accession process and the implementation of the Reform Agenda, which is a set of reforms adopted by all levels of Bosnia’s Government whose implementation is necessary for Bosnia’s path to European integration.

Interlocutors also concluded that Bosnia must not miss the ppositive momentum and that now it must make the most important steps forward when it comes to its EU accession process.

The EPP delegation that spoke with Ivanic consisted of: Head of the delegation and Vice-President of the EPP Group in charge of enlargement and Mediterranean politics Andrey Kovatshev, Member of the Development Committee and Rapporteur of the European Parliament for Bosnia Cristian Dan Preda, Vice President of the Delegation for Relations with Bosnia and Kosovo Dubravka Suica, a member of the International Trade Committee of the European Parliament Adam Szeynfeld and a member of the Delegation for Relations with Bosnia and Kosovo Zeljana Zovko.