CEC: Transparent ballot boxes ensured for October election

NEWS 31.08.2018 13:17
Source: N1

This year’s October election will have transparent ballot boxes for the first time ever in the country, said Head of Central Election Commission (CEC BiH) Irena Hadziabdic. The Commission acquired 10,000 ballot boxes with the help of international donors.

“The OSCE and embassies of Great Britain, the US and Norway donated the funds for the purchase of transparent ballot boxes,” Hadziabdic said.

Head of the OSCE Mission to Bosnia, Bruce Berton, said the OSCE is familiar with the rumours about the election process.

“We know about the rumours of ballot boxes filled with paid ballots or that people are employed to work during the election based on their political preferences,” he said.

Apart from the ballot boxes, the donors also provided security seals for the boxes.

US Ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Maureen Cormack, said the transparent ballot boxes will ensure greater confidence into the voting process.

“The boxes will ensure greater citizens’ trust into the voting process, and election observers will now be able to make sure that boxes are empty before the polls open,” Cormack stressed.