MP: What results has Security Minister achieved?

NEWS 04.09.2018 18:58
Source: N1

Nothing unexpected happened during Wednesday's House of Representative session when the House MP’s rejected to consider an initiative for the dismissal of the country’s Security Minister, state MP Nikola Spiric told N1.

He added that parties that submitted the initiative, Alliance of Independent Social Democrats (SNSD) and the Democratic People’s Alliance (DNS), will not boycott the Parliament’s work, as they announced after the session, but will insist on the respect of rules of procedure.

“The Council of Ministers didn’t even discuss the motion to dismiss Minister Dragan Mektic. Democratic standards must exist so that the Council of Ministers could play its role and the Parliament could play its role,” Spiric said, adding that “anarchy is the best ally to those who want nothing good for this country.”

When asked about arguments for Mektic's dismissal, Spiric said:

“I wish someone would name just some of Mektic’s achievements.”

According to him, the fact that Bosniak representatives in the Parliament of Bosnia and Herzegovina supported Mektic’s handling of the migrant crisis is a bad message.