MP: HDZ BiH would support Security Minister's dismissal

NEWS 05.09.2018 21:58
Source: N1 (Nikola Lovrinović)

The Croat Democratic Union (HDZ BiH) would have voted for the dismissal of Bosnia’s Security Minister had the initiative not been taken off the agenda of Tuesday’s House of Representatives’ session, the HDZ BiH member and state MP Nikola Lovrinovic told N1.

“Security Minister Dragan Mektic’s dismissal wouldn’t solve any problems, but it would have made the situation more serious. Obviously, our institutions didn’t take all the necessary measures nor were they ready for such a crisis,” he stressed. 

He said he feels like people are living in a parallel universe where the migrant crisis does not exist.

“It’s as if we’re in a parallel universe as if there’s no migrant crisis. Our Security Minister is a master of media appearances who talks about many things but not about ways how to solve the migrant crisis,” he added. “He didn’t believe those who told him that something similar will happen. He never spoke to us about how to solve this issue.”

When it comes to the current situation in the country and the Parliament, he said that “parties have already entered the pre-election campaign and even though the Tuesday House of Representatives session agenda was short, we couldn’t finish the session and with some additional items added, it proved to be impossible,” Lovrinic told N1. “The only right thing to do was to end the session due to lack of quorum.” 

The House of Representatives (HoR) on Tuesday rejected to consider an initiative for the dismissal of the country’s Security Minister.