Central Election Commission denies fraud attempt allegations

NEWS 22.09.2018 15:19
Source: N1

Bosnia’s Central Election Commission dismissed on Friday the allegations of electoral register for the coming elections in the country not being in order, which, as some media outlets and politicians warned, could bring into question the election outcome.

The Commission said its representatives met on Friday with the head of the national agency for identification papers, registration and data exchange (IDDEEA) Arif Nanic to determine the reason for a huge gap between the number of voters on the electoral roll and data on the number of ID cards issued.

According to official records, there are around 3.3 million voters on the electoral roll, which is 250,000 people fewer than the official number of issued ID cards, which has made opposition politicians and some media outlets suspect that this could result in an attempt of electoral fraud.

“It was agreed unanimously that there are no doubts whatsoever regarding the accuracy of the information on the central electoral roll,” the Commission said, explaining that the number of voters on the electoral roll was not based only on the number of issued ID cards and that under the existing election law, an ID card that has expired does not mean its owner has lost their voting rights.

The Central Election Commission also noted that information concerning the electoral roll and the number of issued ID cards was being interpreted in an entirely wrong way.