A Syrian asks for help in finding his daughter

NEWS 23.09.2018 11:23
Source: Screenshot

A Syrian who was barred from entering Croatia with a group of other migrants and was returned to Bosnia and Herzegovina has called for help in finding his daughter who is in Croatia now.

The single father, who had fled Syria, is now searching for his five-year-old daughter whom he last saw in the Lake Plitvice area, close to the north-eastern Bosnian border with Croatia, where they separated.

The Syrian said he managed to enter Croatia via Bosnian city of Bihac and to reach Smoljanac village near the lakes.

“I stopped to buy some food. That’s where I got caught by police, they put me in the car and took me back to Bosnia and Herzegovina. I begged them not to separate me from my daughter but they didn’t believe me,” the migrant said.