Police deny claims of separating a Syrian from his child

NEWS 23.09.2018 17:18
Source: Twitter

Croatia's law enforcement authorities have denied the allegations of a Syrian migrant that in the village of Smoljanac in the region of Lika the police forcibly separated him from his five-year-old daughter.

The Syrian man, who gave this statement in Bosnia and Herzegovina about the incident in which the police reportedly separated him from his child while he was trying to buy some provisions in a grocery shop in Smoljanac, also claims that he was deported back to Bosnia and Herzegovina and that during the deportation the police did not want or could not understand that his daughter was still staying in the vicinity of the shop.

Following his claims and an appeal in which he urges a general public to help him to find his five-year-old daughter, the Croatian police said on Sunday in response to Hina's queries that the Syrian's allegations about the incident in the grocery shop were inaccurate and that there had been no police activities in the said village.

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As for the allegations about the disappearance of the child, the police have not received any official report about that, nevertheless, the police officers on the ground have been alerted.

However, a lack of accurate data for the identification of the child makes the search more difficult, the spokeswoman for the Lika-Senj Police Department, Maja Brozicevic said today.

She also called on citizens to report to police any data they might have about the reportedly missing child and urged the father to access the nearest border crossing to inform the police about details.