Security Minister: Migrants have a theory about arms cache

NEWS 24.09.2018 15:09
Source: N1

Bosnia’s Security Minister confirmed that the police found a weapons cache in a Sarajevo apartment while conducting a raid of several migrant locations. He stressed that some Bosnian citizens could also be involved in the case.

“The weapons were found in one of the apartments. The investigation is still ongoing so it’s still too early to make any conclusions but there is a possibility that some Bosnian citizens are involved in the case,” Minister Dragan Mektic said commenting on the arrest of two migrants who are suspected of being in possession of firearms.

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During a routine stop by police officers in the Centar municipality, Sarajevo, a Moroccan and an Algerian migrant started running from the police when asked to show their ID’s. After being apprehended soon after the incident, the Sarajevo Canton police raided several locations and found a weapons cache in one of the apartments that were raided.

Speaking to N1, the Security Minister confirmed that the State Investigation and Protection Agency (SIPA) was also involved in the case as well as some international organisations, not saying which ones.

“The migrants have their own theory on the possession of arms. We are investigating everything they told us, but I can’t tell you anything else,” Mektic said.

He could not say what the arms were for nor whether the migrants had any sort of a plan.