Serbia doesn’t interfere with Republika Srpska election

NEWS 26.09.2018 14:45
Source: Tanjug/Pres služba Skupštine Srbije

Serbia’s Parliament Speaker said on Wednesday that Belgrade did not interfere with the forthcoming election in Bosnia's Serb-dominated entity of Republika Srpska (RS), the Beta news agency reported.

Maja Gojkovic and the RS Parliament Speaker Nedeljko Cubrilovic agreed that Belgrade “only helps people to live better” and had nothing to do with the internal politics and the election scheduled, as in the whole of Bosnia and Herzegovina, for October 7.

She added that “by helping the entity Serbia helps the whole country.”

Cubrilovic added that Belgrade was not aiding only areas with the majority Serb population. “People from here don’t look at the blood count when they help, but do that where is needed,” Cubrilovic said.

The two officials have signed the Commission for Cooperation between Serbia’s and RS’ Parliaments Memorandum on Education, the same one which Serbia has with Russia, China and Greece.