CoM Chairman at Special Police tactical exercise

NEWS 27.09.2018 18:14
Source: N1

The issue of the fight against crime, corruption and terrorism is something we take very seriously and consider one of the most important tasks facing every future government and Council of Ministers (CoM) of Bosnia and Herzegovina, said CoM Chairman.

Chairman Denis Zvizdic attended the tactical exercise performed by members of the Directorate for Coordination of Police Bodies.

He stressed that the agreement between the EUROPOL and Bosnia and Herzegovina will not be broken, but the contact point for the cooperation with this international institution was not established yet because of the obstructions from the Republika Srpska entity Interior Ministry.

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The Directorate for Coordination of Police Bodies said they plan to increase their budget so they could meet all the demands of Bosnia’s police institutions.

The European Union's (EU) Delegation in Bosnia warned the state authorities, on Wednesday, saying that failing to establish the national contact point for cooperation with EUROPOL leaves serious consequences for Bosnia and Herzegovina and its citizen.