Serb Presidency member on interference in Bosnia's election

NEWS 28.09.2018 14:32
Source: N1

Republika Srpska (RS) President Milorad Dodik should present the list of non-governmental organisations and media who are allegedly paid by foreigners to destroy the RS, Bosnia's Serb-dominated entity, otherwise he will be considered an accomplice, said Mladen Ivanic, the Serb representative in Bosnia's state Presidency.

Addressing a press conference in the northwestern Bosnian city of Banja Luka on Friday, Ivanic called on Dodik to give details on the persons allegedly acting against RS if he really does have such information.

“Why didn't he arrest them? He is the RS President, who else should protect the constitutional order if not the RS President?,” Ivanic said, adding that Dodik is either afraid to do so or this is his empty talk.

Ivanic also said he would immediately act if Dodik provided evidence on the alleged presence of 40 British soldiers who, according to Dodik, arrived in Bosnia to destabilise RS.

Dodik told media on Thursday the foreigners invested significant amounts in work of some non-governmental organisations and media in Bosnia, and that the British government supported Ivanic. He also said 40 British nationals were in Banja Luka, the seat of the RS institutions, and are working on destabilisation of this entity.

Ivanic reiterated that Dodik should better provide evidence for what he's saying because he hasn't provided a single one so far.

The Serb member of the Presidency refused to comment on Serbia's President Aleksandar Vucic's words on the meddling of foreigners in Bosnia's election.

“I refuse to comment on the politicians outside this area, this is our political battle. I have no evidence for anyone's interference,” Ivanic stressed adding that no one, including Serbia, should interfere in Bosnia's election.

Serbia's Vucic said on Monday he would wait for the election in Bosnia to be over and then present “striking evidence” on “the most brutal interference of some western forces” in the election in RS.