Almost one million of tourists visit Bosnia in eight months

NEWS 06.10.2018 12:48
Source: Anadolija

Nearly one million of tourists visited Bosnia and Herzegovina from the beginning of the year through August, 997,308 of them, which is by 14.7 percent more than in the same period the last year, according to Bosnia's Statistics Agency.

The number of overnight stays in this period was 2,122,675, which is an increase of 12.8 percent compared to the first eight months of 2017. The Statistics Agency figures show that the number of domestic tourists’ overnight stays increased by 16.8 and foreign tourists by 13.8 percent.

The tourists from Croatia are leading the way in the structure of the overnight stays in the said period with 11.1 percent. They are followed by tourists from Serbia (8.1 percent), Turkey (6.9 percent), Poland and Italy (4.9 percent each), and Germany (4.5 percent).

Maltese tourists were, on the other hand, staying in Bosnia for the longest period of time, 5.3 nights on average. The tourists from Ireland and Kuwait each stayed for an average period of 3.7 nights, from Qatar for 3.4 nights and France for 3,2 nights on average.

According to the statistic data, the tourists mostly stayed in hotels, 90.9 percent of them.